Is HDMI ARC better than optical?

From the traditional times, the only option that is considered for the sound has been the HDMI cables. When settling up for the setup boxes into the television, HDMI ARC is considered to be the prime option for you.

However, when settling your brand new AV receiver or soundbar, then you need to keep a check over the other options HDMI ARC, or optical out are such options.

It would be a better option for you to count on them as well. In addition, we are helping you to understand which the better option for you is. To know the profound details regarding this aspect, continue reading the details mentioned below.

Which one is a better option for you?

The basics of both optical audio and HDMI are must to be considered surely. Let us get started with its basics for choosing a better alternative for your use.


It is a device that allows you to pass the multi-channel audio from one device to another conveniently. HDMI can pass the higher resolution audio in audio formats that are found on the blue-ray. In addition, it can successfully pass the video signals as well that can be proven useful surely.

The set up of the HDMI is pretty much straightforward, so it is better for you to continue with this one for attaining good enough benefit from it and enjoy the sound quality of the AV receiver to the fullest.

These traits of the HDMI ARC cable better than optical cable. It makes a convincing option for use.


It allows one to convey the multi-channel audio from one to another device without much hassle. Another term that is used for optical is S/PDIF; it only requires an individual cable or other components for passing it from one to another.

It is a better quality connection option as it is presented with all in one digital solution.

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this up as we have seen the details that are helping you to learn about the convenient sound cable for your brand new AV receiver or soundbar.

In addition, we have also differentiated HDMI ARC vs. optical for you especially and allowing you to get the desired results. When choosing between the HDMI ARC and optical out, you can be considerate about the details mentioned above that are driven with the optimal guide from the experts themselves.